Maui Road to Hana Tours

Journey through Maui with a private guide on an epic cultural adventure!

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Your Maui adventure begins when you book with Journey Jill! We specialize in providing personalized tour experiences on Maui, with a primary focus on the iconic Road to Hana Tours. Our private tour guides are students of Hawaiian cultural studies under the guidance of respected Hawaiian kumu (teachers). A Journey Jill tour guide will ensure that your journey through Maui is a transformative and cultural experience.

Here’s what you’ll experience with our Road to Hana guides:

  • rich history and culture of Hawai’i and Maui
  • black sand beaches
  • red sand beaches
  • rainbow eucalyptus trees
  • bamboo forests
  • waterfalls
  • over 600 curves!
  • over 50 bridges!
  • spectacular views
  • discover plants and wildlife
  • delicious local food
  • a friendly and knowledgeable guide who will show you why we believe Maui is “No ka `oi” (the best)
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