Frequently Asked Questions about the Road to Hana Tour

What is the Road to Hana?

The Road to Hana is a famous scenic drive on the island of Maui, known for its epic views, waterfalls, black and red sand beaches, and roadside farm stands. Although the road is only about 64 miles, over 600 turns slows down the trip considerably. The tour is known for it’s journey, not the destination, and we believe that the best part of the tour is all the stops along the way.

How long does a Road to Hana tour typically take?

A full round trip to Hana and back from Kahului (near the airport and cruise ships) typically takes about 6 to 8 hours, depending on how often you stop. We are also happy to customize your tour if you prefer a shorter journey.

What time does the tour start?

To be sure you have enough time to see the best spots, we typically leave by 9am. We are happy to customize your start time.

What stops are included on the tour?

We customize each tour just for you. Based on your desired experiences, your group’s mobility, and the weather, we will visit a variety of spots, including (no two tours are ever the same!)

  • waterfalls
  • black sand beaches
  • red sand beaches
  • rainbow eucalyptus trees
  • bamboo forests
  • shops featuring local artisans and goods

Do you pick us up or do we need transportation to your meeting point?

We will contact you prior to the tour, to confirm if you need us to pick you up or if you are able to meet us at a convenient location.

What should I bring on my Road to Hana tour?

  • Bathing suit – wear under your clothes if you think you might want to swim in waterfalls as there is really not anywhere to change beforehand
  • Tennis shoes or Teva type strappy sandals for short hikes
  • Water shoes if you prefer to wear water shoes while walking in water or creeks
  • Sandals
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Change of clothes
  • Towel
  • Cash for lunch, snacks and guide gratuities
  • Can I drive the Road to Hana myself, or should I take a tour?

    Both options have their pros and cons. Driving yourself offers flexibility, but the road is narrow and winding, which can be challenging for some drivers and unsafe for all. Guided tours provide local knowledge and history, allowing everyone in your group to enjoy the scenery without the stress of navigating. Check out our blog: Exploring Maui’s Road to Hana: Hiring A Tour Guide vs. Self-Driving Adventure

    Are there any safety tips for the Road to Hana?

    Stay on marked paths and respect private property. If you feel like you shouldn’t be somewhere, trust your gut.
    Do not stand under waterfalls due to the risk of falling rocks.
    Be mindful of the weather, as flash floods can occur.
    Wear sunscreen and hydrate.

    Is there cell phone service along the Road to Hana?

    Cell service can be spotty. Download maps, playlists, and important information ahead of time.

    What is the best way to respect the environment while on the tour?

  • Take all your trash with you.
  • Do not disturb wildlife or take natural souvenirs.
  • Stay on designated trails to avoid harming native plants.
  • Do you provide lunch or snacks?

    We do provide light snacks and keep a cooler stocked with a variety of drinks. If you have any special requests please let your guide know prior to your journey! There’s room in the cooler for your drinks as well.

    How much should I tip my tour guide?

    For private guided tours with an educated and experienced guide, a tip of 20% of the tour cost is customary. Tipping is greatly appreciated as a gesture of gratitude for exceptional service, and our guides rely on tips as a significant part of their earnings.

    What’s the bathroom situation like along the Road to Hana?

    Public restrooms are available at various points along the Road to Hana, but they can be spread out, so plan accordingly. They are simple roadside restrooms, mostly clean but nothing fancy. They do have running water but some are not drinkable. Key locations with facilities include:

    Pa‘ia Town
    Pua’a Kaa State Wayside Park
    Ke‘anae Peninsula
    Wai‘anapanapa State Park
    Hana Town

    What if I get car sick easily?

    Here are our tips for surviving the winding Road to Hana:

    • Keep your eyes on the road
    • Don’t look down at your phone or a book or try to read anything while the car is moving
    • Drink plenty of water
    • Open the window and get some fresh air
    • Eat fresh ginger or drink something with ginger in it
    • Some of our guests have said that a “Less Drowsy Dramamine” the night before, and one the morning of is helpful (this is not medical advice, always consult a doctor with any concerns)

    How can I leave a review?

    Thank you so much for asking! Your reviews are how other travelers find us! Share your favorite parts about your journey and help others create unforgettable memories!